About us

My name is Petra Verhagen. In 1993 my husband (Willem Eckhardt) and I moved into farmhouse ‘De Hemel’ (The Heaven) with outbuildings to fulfill our long-held dream: to start our own Bed & Breakfast in the Dutch countryside.

In our search for the ideal location we arrived at this farmhouse comprising of various characteristic buildings situated on a beautiful plot of land, which is inspiring and different in every season, and located in a hospitable, fascinating region.

We opened the doors of our B&B in the spring of 1994. Willem and I ran the B&B together until he sadly passed away in October 2023. Since then I run the business on my own.

About ‘De Molenkolk’

Authentic, natural environment

We keep the natural environment in our garden as much as possible in its original state. You will find wild flowers, pollard willows, numerous tall fruit trees, hedges, wooded banks and a wide variety of walnut, lime and chestnut trees around your guesthouse. Our garden is a dorado for many species of birds.

Art and nature in harmony

In the garden there are various statues of water birds and frogs, made by African artists, among others. Nature and art go together harmoniously.

Things to do at our Bed & Breakfast

Our ponies walk in the horse meadow, you can help brush them. Our yard is on the water. It is safe for (small) children because we’ve put up a good fence. You can take a nice walk along the waterfront or cast a fishing rod on one of the seven jetties. From your guest house you can enjoy the view of the water.


We are consciously and gladly committed to a clean environment. We do this by, for example, using as little plastic as possible, using biodegradable cleaning products, recycling, and using energy sparingly. We ask our guests to do their bit.